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At Ramdas & Partners, your accounting is always in order!

You are on the brink of a new adventure as an independent entrepreneur. The main goal of your company will be to retain existing customers as well as to acquire new customers. However, as an entrepreneur you have a number of legal obligations that you must comply with. Conducting a proper and transparent administration is one of these legal obligations.

Why outsource your administration?

Because you mainly want to focus on your own products and/or services.

Outsource your administration to Ramdas & Partners in The Hague.
To each their own profession and to each their own passion.
Do what you are good at! We do so too.

It is not that difficult to set up a simple administration. However, keeping the administration for a company is quite different. The tax authorities will require a watertight administration from you. You will have to prepare and send your invoices in the right way, you have to calculate whether or not you have to calculate VAT, register hours and kilometers driven, etc. There are a lot of things that you as a self-employed person have to consider. This often requires more time and knowledge than most people are aware of. Our administration office in The Hague is happy to take over these tasks from you.

Keeping records is the least popular activity with the vast majority of business owners. For most, it can appear that it is only costly. Money wise and time wise. They would rather spend the time required for bookkeeping in running production. Choose Ramdas & Partners as your experienced and professional accountant in The Hague region and save yourself a lot of time and effort.

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