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As a busy entrepreneur you can outsource your administration to Ramdas & Partners!

Why outsource your administration?

Setting up a simple administration isn’t hard in most cases. However, keeping the administration for a company is something else. The tax authorities demand a watertight administration from every business owner.

You must prepare and send your invoices correctly, you have to know whether or not to include VAT, you might have to calculate and register your hours, kilometers driven, etc.

There are many things that you, being self-employed, should consider. This can often take a lot more time and attention from you than you would like. Our administration office in The Hague is happy to take over these tasks from you.

Tax benefits for entrepreneurs

Many people can do a simple income tax return themselves. Especially when there are no question regarding deductible items or extra income.

When you start self-employment, you will have to deal with a completely different caliber of filing a tax returns. You may have to file a turnover tax return on a regular basis, prepare annual accounts and the annual return is just around the corner. Our administration office in The Hague knows exactly which tax benefits you can make use of so your return is as economical as possible. 

Ramdas & Partners, for all your administration

We are happy to take over your administrative tasks from you. You are welcome at our office or we will visit you if desired.

Do not hesitate and contact Ramdas & Partners!

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