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Tax and Legal Advice

You can also rely on the tax and legal advice from Ramdas & Partners!

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for business owners is the regulations laid down by the tax authorities. As an entrepreneur, you are obligated to comply with all tax measures which are difficult to understand and which are constantly changing. To prevent your administration not complying with tax laws and regulations you would benefit from Ramdas & Partners as your tax advisor.

What does a tax or legal advisor do?

A tax advisor supports individuals and companies with all tax issues. Ramdas & Partners is an expert on laws and requirements that your company must comply with. In addition, there are many tax advantages that you as an entrepreneur can benefit from. Many entrepreneurs are not aware of all the possible benefits, which means that money is lost. Due to our many years of experience, we know exactly how to approach tax issues and how to translate these into points of improvement for your business. You can also call upon us to assist with due diligence, complex tax issues such as tax restructuring and/or the application of tax optimization for you personally and for your company.

The tax and legal services include the following:

  • Preparation of income tax returns (IB companies) and corporation tax (BV’s)
  • Identifying and discussing tax risks with entrepreneurs in order to take measures to avoid fines from the Tax Authorities
  • Tax advice for possible tax savings for entrepreneurs
  • Legal and tax restructuring of companies for tax optimization
  • Tax objection procedures at the Tax Authorities and Appeals procedures at the Court

Specialized knowledge of all holding structures

Based on the legal system and their tax climate The Netherlands is known to be an attractive country for international companies to establish their holding.

As an expert in all holding structures, we can offer more than a yearly audit.

We can help you comply with both national and international laws and legislation and we make sure your financial administration is in full compliance, regardless of your holding structure or your type of firm.

As we very well understand the needs of international oriented companies, we can help them to grow. We speak your language, and we understand your challenges. Through our risk management and compliance services we are here to guide you through them. 

Our extensive knowledge of tax rules and regulations can save you expenses

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