Ramdas & Partners

Ramdas & Partners


A proper financial administration is the foundation of your company!

Business owners work diligently in their companies every day

That also applies to you. Your passion is in the products or services that you offer. Your ambitions are reflected in the plans that you make. Numbers and finances are not a motivation in themselves, but you realize that financial insight is necessary to be able to make the right choices. We offer you the right insights and the right support.

We use a personal approach towards your business

Our accountants are personally involved in, and grow with, your company. Their work starts with assessing or setting up a good financial administration.

Whether you are starting, growing, expanding or you want to transfer your company, we can advise you on the day-to-day business and all business economic issues.

  • Guidance of the (starting) business owner
  • Taking care of the bookkeeping
  • Taking care of the salary administration
  • Taking care of the turnover tax and payroll tax returns
  • Discussion of interim results
  • Drafting business plans
  • Compiling/drawing up annual accounts
  • Issuing an auditor’s report with annual accounts (also with financing applications)
  • Advice on the administrative organization and internal control (AO/IC) or design of the AO/IC at the customer
  • Advisory discussions with management
  • Advice on financing companies and guidance on financing applications at the bank
  • Drawing up a multi-year forecast
  • Business succession
  • Subsidy checks (Foundations)

You determine the course in which you want to set sail. We help you to navigate.

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Telephone: +31 (0)70 219 27 70