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IAC Audit & Assurance B.V.

TIC Assurance

IAC Audit & Assurance B.V. is an audit firm that assists companies that would like a voluntary audit performed on their financial responsibilities (-year-end figures).

The legally mandatory audits, in order to comply with Dutch legislation, are performed in association with TIC Assurance B.V. whom have been awarded the AFM license.

If at least two out of the three following criteria are applicable to your current situation, for two consecutive years, a financial audit is mandatory:

  • The value of assets exceeds 6 million Euros
  • The net turnover is more than 12 million Euros
  • The company has 50+ employees

TIC Assurance B.V. is an AFM-licensed audit firm in The Netherlands that specializes in statutory audits. We provide stakeholders with as much assurance as possible through our financial audits.

We at TIC Assurance B.V. have all the required licenses, knowledge, and experience to perform your financial audit. Independent, thorough, and reliable are the words to best describe us and our approach.

Our license permits us to perform all financial audits regardless of the industry in which you are active.

In our aim to provide stakeholders with as much assurance as possible we are dedicated to do more than just check the facts and the figures in the report.

Our auditors will therefore always make a priority out of knowing all there is to know about your company and the way in which it has been organized. 

Comprehension, interpretation, and validation of important figures is only done properly when extensive knowledge of the company, its activities and the industries it operates in are at the basis thereof.

Through our extensive knowledge and experience TIC Assurance B.V. is familiar with statutory audits for international companies.

Banks, investors, local authorities, or other stakeholders can require an audit. To achieve maximum assurance, we will perform a thorough audit which can also be requested by insurance companies in the case of a legal merger or the need for an auditor’s opinion. 

Stakeholders can request or require financial audits, both mandatory and voluntary. You want to trust in an experienced and reliable partner. Throughout the years TIC Assurance B.V. has established valuable and long-term relationships. For many of our clients we have become their trusted audit firm in The Netherlands.

Financial audits are highly complicated, and regulations are frequently subject to change. Our specialists are continuously trained and have an up to date knowledge on all areas. 

We can fully integrate into any type of organization. 


Other, non-audit engagements, that can be performed by an auditor are regulated as well.
Examples of such services are related to:

  • Audit of condensed financial statements (NV COS 810)
  • Audit engagement of historical financial overviews (NV COS 2400)
  • Review of Interim Financial Information Performed by the Independent Auditor of the Entity (NV COS 2410)
  • Assurance reports other than the engagement to audit and performance assurance on historical financial information (NV COS 3000)
  • Investigation of future financial information (NV COS 3000), for example in business plans, financial projections, and valuations.
  • Agreed upon procedures (NV COS 4400)

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